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SustainabilityCommitted to…energy efficiency and the environment

We know we are a company that delivers fossil fuels; however, we are not blind to the environmental needs of the planet.

Is sustainability on your resolutions list?

Is sustainability on your resolutions list

Here at Goff we understand that whilst we are currently part of this global problem we are in a position where we can help be part of the local solution. For many, fossil fuels are the only cost-effective heating option and whilst more environmentally friendly products are being developed none are ready as yet.

Therefore, we could just wait for the biofuels of tomorrow to be completed, however be have decided to take action now and start our green journey today. As a proud family business it is important that this generation do the right thing now, to benefit the next generation.

At a board level, this has full support and environmental impact and the green aspiration are now being embedded across the culture of the whole company.

Why are Goff doing this?

Simply because we have children too and know that addressing global warming is the right thing to do. Whilst many of our customers do not have cost effective energy alternatives, we need to provide their heating oil requirements in the most efficient way possible, our aim is to be the greenest oil distributor in the UK.

Whilst this may sound like an oxymoron the belief is that companies can choose to wait for the alternative biofuels and do nothing else, or they can at least be open and honest about recognising the need for change and be open about our journey to becoming greener.

What is Goff actually doing?

We have made a commitment to becoming the greenest oil distribution company in the UK and intend to leave no stone unturned as we explore what this could mean for our future.

In the meantime we are planning on introducing a number of new solutions for our customers, so that we can help influence an immediate positive change.

Carbon Offset Scheme

Currently the heating oil used in your boiler, has been offset by the different companies who have been part of the process of gathering and refining the crude oil into the product we call heating oil or kerosene.

As a company we are committing to offsetting the carbon impact from our part in its distribution to your home. We do this in what we believe is the most carbon effective manner, the process we use is part of a new approach called regenerative farming and in particular cover planting.


Regenerative farming and in particular cover planting.

Our scheme is UK based and truly tangible, we work closely with the farm to ensure that our carbon offset scheme is making the most impact possible. We also employ an agronomist to take regular soil samples so that we can measure the impact we are creating.

Intrigued?  Want to know more, visit our farm website to find out all the details, of what we are doing and how it benefits the environment.

Regenerative Farming at Foxburrow

Whilst planting trees is a great thing to do and one that we are and will continue to do, through our own Foxburrow Farm and by supporting projects like the Wensum Valley project based here in Norfolk.

However this alone will not make a quick enough impact, with that in mind we have looked at the science and are advocates of the huge benefits that regenerative farming could produce. These can start to make a significant impact from day one, whereas trees tend to make a significant impact after 10 years of growth.

The principles of regenerative farming are starting to be drawn to the attention of a wider audience thanks to wider publicity including most recently the award winning film Kiss the Ground. This film is narrated and features Woody Harrelson and is an inspiring and groundbreaking film that reveals the first viable solution to our climate crisis.

Cover Planting

In simple terms this means rather than seeing empty fields that have been left bare, there is always something growing in the fields. Plants growing absorb carbon and draw it deep down into the soil where it can be stored.

Large scale farming, heavy machinery and reliance on chemicals has decreased the amount of organic matter in the soil. These practices reduce soil quality, whilst increasing the potential for, and impact of, erosion.

Cover planting corrects this; ensures carbon is constantly drawn into the soil and improves the soils organic material, meaning better tasting and more plentiful crops.

Cover crop - how it works

National Future Fuels Project: Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) for heating.

Across the UK there are homes that have been converted to burn Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) as an alternative to kerosene (heating oil). Early indications are that it performs like heating oil in modified boilers, but is much better for the environment.

We are fully supporting this initiative, developed and run as a collaboration between UKIFDA, Oftec and the fuel distribution industry. Once these trials are complete we will be one step nearer to seeing a cleaner and greener heating oil alternative and that’s something we will definitely be stocking. You can find out more on their website.

Goff Bio Fuels

Goff Sustainable Heating Oil

At Goff we are also working with a leading UK refiner to develop a drop-in replacement Sustainable Bio Kerosene (SBK30) that performs like a heating oil without needing any modification to existing equipment but emits less carbon than your regular burning oil. If you would like to be involved in bringing this drop in replacement closer to reality then please register your interest here:

Energy Innovation Centre

We are at a pivotal point in energy use and management as the world is becoming more environmentally aware. Fuel types and uses are changing at a fast pace and we want to invest in being a part of this cleaner and greener future. That is why Goff is funding the regeneration of an 11 acre site to ensure the area remains at the forefront of energy provision. The family business has always been pioneering and we believe the innovation centre will help us to continue to set the trail for others to follow.

Energy innovation park for Wymondham

Optimised Routing and Green Champions

Our state-of-the-art software builds the most efficient delivery schedule by calculating journey distances, times and transportation costs. High quality routing documentation is produced with real time information ensuring our fleet of 80+ delivery vehicles is as efficient as it can be.

Optimised Routing

We also have staff across all our different departments who are proud to lead our green charge. Whether it’s in the workshop, office or the tanker cab we have an enthused team always looking to how they can improve our green journey.

Buy Local

We always have and will continue to support local businesses, 2020 saw a lot of change in the world and it has made us acutely aware that when and where possible we should always endeavour to support our local businesses.