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Posted: 22/09/2022

Are service charges fair?

Have you spotted the Boiler Juice service charge has risen once again and by a whopping inflation shattering 50%.

Yes that’s right the service charge that was £9.98 has risen by more than £5 to a staggering £14.99; what’s more a year ago the service charge was just £3.49.

So the last 12 months have seen BoilerJuice apply an eyewatering 500% increase to a charge that they hid in the total price of the delivery. With most people currently ordering oil 3 times a year, that’s an extra £45 BoilerJuice are pocketing and for what, the pleasure of using the Boilerjuice website?

Massive rise in service charge

As a broker what costs do they really have?

As one of the largest heating oil providers our cost per litre includes, collecting the oil from the refinery, storing it and delivering it to you using our own people and vehicles.

When it comes to the cost of buying heating oil it’s important to look past the pence per litre cost and look at the total price. That sneaky £14.99 service charge equates to an extra 3p per litre on a 500-litre order. Maybe it’s time to ask yourselves are you really getting a better price?

Beware of more hidden BoilerJuice costs.

That’s not the only hidden cost; if you have estimated how much oil you need and then don’t need that amount, Boilerjuice have been known to change the cost per litre to a higher rate and charge a under volume fine.

Extra charges


At a time when two thirds of adults in Britain are reporting that the rising cost of energy is causing an incredible squeeze on household budgets is frankly staggering.

Be Real.

As a real heating oil distributor we think it's sad that a broker taking hundreds of orders per day uses each and every one of those orders to squeeze more from their suffering customers to boost the coffers of their private equity owners

Are BoilerJuice offering exceptional service?

I guess for that £14.99 service charge, Boilerjuice are delivering exceptional service?

Well reading the reviews on various review platforms that doesn’t seem to be the case. 

Horrendous customer service

To be fair as the middleman they are limited to what they can actually do, they have no direct control over when or how the supplier of choice delivers or doesn’t.

Middlemen must be good at communicating then?

Well you’d expect communication to be great from a middleman but it appears that when something goes wrong customers find it hard to speak to someone and call backs can take days and e-mail responses even longer.

Poor communication

To find out what a Better Service and Better Price looks like you Better Call Goff.