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Posted: 25/01/2023

£200 Government Support Update

£200 Government Support Update

Off-grid households are set to receive £200 in government support from next month, with payments being processed from February 6th. In total around two million households are in line to get Alternative Fuel Payments as part of the government’s package of cost-of-living support.

For the vast majority of eligible households, the Alternative Fuel Payments support will be received automatically via their electricity supplier with no need to take any action. However, it is anticipated that there will be a small number of households who are unable to receive the funding automatically, for instance households without a direct relationship with an electricity supplier. The Government will ensure there is a route for those households to apply for and receive the £200 support through a portal and more information on this is expected soon.

This payment is in addition to the Energy Bills Support Scheme (EBSS) non-repayable discount of £400, which you should’ve already started to receive as a credit to your electricity bill.  

All our Heating Oil customers should be aware of the following:

  • Recipients have been identified by the Government using the off the gas grid database and recent census information.  

  • The majority will receive their £200 automatically via their electricity supplier starting on February 6, in a similar fashion to other recent government payments (direct debit, credit to account or voucher).

  • There will be some small exceptions – for example domestic properties that don’t have an electricity account or those that use oil but live in an area mainly served by the gas grid. The occupiers of these properties will need to apply via an online portal which will be open in February alongside a post code checker.

If you’re still concerned about the cost of heating your home, then our Monthly Payment Scheme can help spread the cost. For more information, please click HERE.