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Posted: 07/03/2022

What’s the provenance of your heating oil?

What’s the provenance of your heating oil?

With current world events the way they are it’s a fair question to ask,

“Where does my heating oil come from?”

We would like to assure our customers on exactly where their heating oil is coming from.

All the heating oil that we supply has started its life in the North Sea as crude oil; from there it tends to be shipped to be stored in either Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Antwerp.

The oil is then transported from European shores across to one of the UK’s oil refineries where the crude is refined to the product we know as Kerosene. From there it may be put onto a ship again as bulk finished product to be moved to a UK coastal storage facility or it might be collected direct from tanks at the refinery.

We collect all our product by road, either direct from a refinery or a coastal storage facility and the kerosene is transported to one off Goff’s depots before being delivered to our customers’ homes.

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