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Posted: 21/10/2021

Watchman Battery Replacement - Goff Heating Oil how to guide.

Watchman Battery Replacement

Watchman Oil Level MonitorWhat is a Watchman?

A Watchman is an automated oil monitoring device which is fitted in your home heating oil tank and sends a radio signal to a digital readout in your house. Watchmans have replaced sight tubes on many domestic heating oil tanks over the last few years. It allows you to easily monitor the oil levels in your tank and prevent run outs. 

If the receiver detects a low battery a warning message is displayed on the unit in the home. It shows the oil level in the tank plus a constantly flashing warning triangle.

The lithium battery fitted to your Watchman will have a long service life, but it will eventually become exhausted and will need replacing. 

The battery model required is: VARTA CR2430, and they are avaliable locally from good photographic shops or chemists or can be purchased online.

9 Steps to replacing the battery:

  1.   Switch off your Watchman display in the house

  2.   Remove transmitter from tank

  3.   Take transmitter indoors, into a clean dry environment

  4.   Using a cross point screwdriver, undo the four screws, located under the main body of transmitter

  5.   Remove the top cover, Flip out battery, Clip in new battery, Re-fit cover

  6.   Evenly tighten all four screws - do not over tighten

  7.   Replace transmitter on the tank

  8.   Switch on your Watchman display in the house

  9.   Wait 5 minutes for the oil level to refresh

Other possible error messages:

F = Full

Red Light Flashing with no level = No Signal

Red Flashing Light = Tank is low on fuel

Fluid Level Low & “BAT LOW” = New power tube needed

C = Connection fault replacement needed

Further information can be found here. Watchman Ultrasonic Installation Instructions