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Posted: 14/03/2022

UK fuel supply and pricing – an update

UK fuel supply and pricing – an update

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sent oil prices to a 14 year high, worldwide oil supplies have been severely impacted and prices are extremely volatile and are changing several times a day.


Offering prices and securing stock

Unlike many of our competitors who are not quoting prices until the point of delivery, we are still fixing and ensuring customers prices at the time of order, minimising the uncertainty of the market for our customers.

We guarantee the price you pay at the time of ordering is the price you will pay, no surprises.


Supply wise

We continue to receive heating oil supplies daily from the UK’s major refineries and supply terminals and we are maintaining our heating oil stock in our network of storage tanks. However, due to the high levels of demand that we are currently experiencing across our depots we are currently extending our delivery window from 10 working days to 15 working days.

As always, our team are working hard to get heating oil out to our customers just as quickly as possible.

If you have an order with us, we will deliver just as soon as we can.

Customer service, sales and accounts teams

Call volumes into our sales and customer service teams across the counties we serve have been high this month, and we thank all customers for their patience. Our teams are working hard to field all enquiries and place orders as efficiently as possible. Domestic customers can continue to get quotes and place orders over the phone or online here.

Our advice remains the same, if you have 1/3 of a tank or less, then it would be a good time to consider topping up.