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Posted: 19/02/2021

Lights camera … pause… action

Lights camera … pause… action

When we decided to take our first steps into creating a corporate film showing the work that goes into delivering heating oil, little did we know the challenges ahead.

As we made plans over a year ago the landscape was quite different at this time and as lockdown 1 came, we decided to shelve this idea for later. However, with the realisation that this was now the new normal and could be with us for some time we decided to push on once more.

After a short tender process, we were delighted to appoint fellow Norfolk Chamber members Trendy Grandad as the production company who we would work with. The brief was simple we wanted to communicate what is involved in bringing heating oil to customers in the East of England, but to do this in a more imaginative way than just a member of Goff team talking to camera.


Goff presents:

A Day in the life of Heating Oil

Working closely with Stokely and Adam we soon had a script and an ambitious storyboard that we were all happy with. What’s more we were also delighted to be allowed access to one of the U.K.’s oil refineries as access to a refinery, for obvious reasons, is highly restricted. To be able to get the permissions in place to film really was an achievement.

The shoot itself was a little more stop start than we had planned with the emergence of lockdown 2 meaning that once again there was a slight pause to proceedings. But with lockdown lifted it was “Action”.

First up was a rude awakening as the team needed to be at the Wymondham Depot for 5 AM, ready to film the first of the fleet of our articulated tankers as they set out on their daily journeys to the refineries across the UK. Our host for the day was experienced driver Gordon and we followed and filmed every move that Gordon takes on this journey too Harwich and back.

The refinery itself was quite something as a mass of pipes and storage tanks take the deliveries of crude oil before refining them into the many different products that customers demand including, diesel, petrol and kerosene or heating oil as it’s known. Once the articulated lorry has taken on a staggering 38000 litres of heating oil, then it’s back to one of Goff’s wet depots where the oil is transfered into storage ready to be delivered to local customers. 

The next morning and at a more leisurely start time of 7am we followed one of the domestic delivery tankers carrying 12500 litres of heating oil set to be delivered to customers across Norfolk. This was a fascinating insight into the challenges that the oil delivery drivers face every day from access issues down tight country lanes, to navigating poor parking in tight cul-de-sac’s, locked oil tanks and the odd lively dog. This was all water of a ducks back to our driver who tirelessly reeled his hose in and out at each of the many drops he made.

Shooting on a scheduled delivery round gave us a number of challenges, but it was essential that the film reflected what really happens. So, no actors or stand ins were used and the customers reactions are totally genuine, trickier to capture but in our opinion, it was definitely worth it. Thank you to all our fabulous customers who were happy to be involved.

With more footage than we knew what to do with the team at Trendy Grandad did what they do best, edit and edit until we had the desired 1 min film and here it is.

We hope you like it, we certainly enjoyed making it and would like to thank all those involved, from Customers, Goff employees, the Harwich refinery and those at Trendy Grandad.

Goff tanker returning home after a full day of filming