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Posted: 14/03/2018

Goff Heating Oil Weather Station Statistics February 2018

Weather Type


Diff from Monthly Average


Average Mean Temperature




Average Daytime Temperature




Average Night time Temperature




No of Air Frosts                                                 




No of Ground Frosts                                           




No of Days where snow fell                               




Sunshine Duration                                             

96 hours

+19.5 hours



56 mm

+14.0 mm


Average Soil Temperature (Depth of 30cm)     





















Observers notes: 

A very cold month with the first substantial snowfall for 5 years.

Lowest recorded average mean and average night time temperatures in my 20 years of records.

Snowfall of 5 inches on 28th at my location but at the Goff Oil Depot in Wymondham 7 inches of snow fell.

Ice day also recorded on 28th with highest temperature of only -2.5c!