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Posted: 08/08/2023

Decarbonising off-grid homes - Did you see the Telegraph's front page?

Decarbonising off-grid homes - Did you see the Telegraph's front page?

Goff Petroleum are pleased to support our industry's efforts to find a more sustainable liquid fuel for our customers through the Future Ready Fuel Campaign.

Following George Eustice MP’s article in the Telegraph we would like to share this Joint statement from Paul Rose, Chief Executive of OFTEC, and Ken Cronin, Chief Executive of UKIFDA, on decarbonising off-grid homes:

“Many of our off grid customers live in rural communities, with older properties who face real and serious challenges about how to decarbonise their home heating. They have told us they need to be given a choice of how they can do this in an affordable way which results in minimal disruption.

“This is the reason why our industry over the last 2 years has invested time, effort and money – without government subsidy – on developing a solution, using renewable liquid fuel as a replacement fuel for kerosene. We have successfully demonstrated this solution in 150 sites across the UK, including churches, schools, historic building buildings, pubs and residential homes.

“The conversion from oil to these renewable fuels can be done quickly, at a reasonable upfront cost and without disruption and it results in immediate reductions in carbon emissions. Our industry, members and customers are urging the Government to support George Eustice’s amendment to the Energy Bill, which will bring the cost of these fuels down for consumers, as they already have in transport, while costing the taxpayer nothing.”

You can download a template letter and write to your MP about renewable liquid fuels here.

Future Ready Fuel Mitchell & Webber Tanker

Mitchel & Webber were the first UK fuel distributor to trial HVO in an oil fired domestic boiler in Cornwall in 2020.