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Posted: 12/02/2022

Carbon Offset with Goff

Carbon Offset with Goff

Introducing our Carbon Offset scheme

Currently the heating oil used in your boiler, has been offset by the different companies who have been part of the process of gathering and refining the crude oil into the product we call heating oil or kerosene.

Begin to reduce your Carbon Footprint today

As a company we are committing to offsetting the carbon impact from our part in its distribution to your home. We do this in what we believe is the most carbon effective manner, the process we use is part of a new approach called regenerative farming and in particular cover planting.

Our scheme is UK based and truly tangible, we work closely with farmers to ensure that our carbon offset scheme is making the most impact possible. We also employ an agronomist to take regular soil samples so that we can measure the impact we are creating.

We are delighted that we have been able to open this scheme to Goff customers, allowing them the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions. This option can easily be selected as part of the checkout process and a £10 contribution equates to offsetting 500 litres of heating oil usage.

Introducing our Carbon Offset scheme

Intrigued?  Want to know more, visit our farm website to find out all the details, of what we are doing and how it benefits the environment.