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Posted: 09/11/2015

Buy Early says Acre, CAB, & FPS

Forecasters are warning of a cold winter so heating oil trade association, FPS (Federation of Petroleum Suppliers) is urging the 1.5m households across the UK to buy their heating oil now before the weather affects deliveries and price by launching the 2015 ‘Buy Oil Early’ campaign with the Citizens Advice Bureau, ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) together with Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom.

ACRE | Action with communities in rural England

In the week when Sutherland Tables, provider of comparative home heating costs for the most common fuels in the UK and Republic of Ireland has announced its latest figures showing heating oil is 45% cheaper than this time last year Chief Executive of the FPS Mark Askew comments:

“The price of heating oil is currently cheaper than gas heating for the fifth quarter in a row so the FPS say it is a great time to buy, particularly if we are in for a bad winter.

When snow hits deliveries of heating oil to rural areas take longer and costs rise as oil heating distributors need to pay staff for longer hours to cope with the increase in demand and pay more to collect heating oil from refineries.

We are advising homeowners to purchase their heating oil now while prices are low and oil distributors can get to them.”

Home heating oil costs continue to be well below the 4 year average with costs now sitting at approximately 50 - 53% lower than the 4 year average. Both existing and newer build dwellings in the UK & NI and householders are spending on average 45% less this winter than last year.

Minister of State for Energy Andrea Leadsom said, “My priority is keeping bills low for hardworking families and businesses, and with winter on its way it makes sense to plan ahead. If you use oil to heat your home, buying it sooner rather than later will help you avoid longer delivery times as demand increases...”

Mark Askew adds

“Every year we hear from a few consumers who run out of heating oil and I think a lot of people are often taken by surprise when it starts snowing and they have to wait longer than usual to get their delivery.

Our members pride themselves on their service, and their drivers have been fantastic in some really tricky driving conditions, but they can be slowed down significantly by poor weather and occasionally just about brought to a standstill by snow blocked rural roads.

Our advice is always to plan ahead and fill your tank up sooner rather than later.”